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St. Francis of Assisi school uses a computerized Point of Sale (POS) payment system for all school meals. I would like to take the time to reintroduce this system to all parents and to make them familiar with the services that will be provided.

Every student will have their own personal four digit lunchroom account. Students can access their accounts on the PIN pads located at the register. If your student attended St. Francis last year, their PIN has not changed. If your student is new to St. Francis, a number will be assigned and a card with their name and number on it will be provided for them. It is strongly recommended that all students remember their numbers, as this will make the lunch line move faster.

The POS system works on a prepay basis. Similar to a debit card system, the money should be in the child’s account before a purchase is made. Lunches cost $3.25 each, ala carte milks cost $.50 each and an extra slice of pizza (Fridays) costs $1.50. The POS is not designed to work on a charge basis, however if your child makes purchases without money in the account you will receive a bill and be expected to send payment to cover the balance immediately. Ala carte items such as an extra slice of pizza or a milk to accompany a lunch from home, may be paid for from pre-paid monies. When sending in money by check or cash, please include the student’s ID number and name on the check or envelope so it is deposited into the correct account. This system allows students to charge only if there is money in their account – we can’t allow any negative balances to occur. Please send in payment in anticipation of the number of meals or ala carte items your child wishes to purchase.

If your student has qualified for free or reduced price lunches, this information is securely contained within the system and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students. There is no need to be concerned for a potentially uncomfortable situation for the student.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your student has, please notify the cafeteria with this information. A warning will appear on the cashier’s screen for a quick review of the items on the student’s meal tray.

Thank you in advance for your patience in implementing this system.

If you should have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to call Megan Ahrenholz, RD Foodservice Director, at 781-848-4000 x7045 or email at