School Contact Info-

Our telephone number is 781-848-0842. Telephone mailbox numbers for specific people are in parenthesis below.

School Office-

Brian Cote – Principal (12)

Connie Daly– School Secretary (10)

Barbara Devine – Tuition Manager (17)

Michelle Margeson – School Nurse (11)

Carol Costello – Guidance Counselor    (16)



Meghan Aiello – Pre K

Darlene Cunningham – Pre-K

Kelly Burke – Kindergarten

Phyllis Horsman – First Grade

Maureen Lord – Second Grade

Pamela McGrath – Third Grade

Karen Lane – Fourth Grade

Moira Koulopoulos– Fifth Grade

Denise Clark – Sixth Grade

Kara Shea– Seventh Grade

Patricia Dobrev – Eighth Grade

Marta Rodriguez – Spanish

Ellen March – Art

Davis Sullivan – Physical Education (31)

Lucia Murray – Music (55)



Sarah Murray– Full Time Pre-K Aide

Mary Healy – First & Second Grade Aide

Donna Rousseau – Reading and Math Specialist

Julianna Gratta – Reading and Math Specialist


Food Services

Mrs. Carol Palermo



Jim Quinlan



Extended Day (39)

Absentee Line (30)