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Welcome Letter

2017-2018-supply and reading list




Monday – Spelling- 3 times each

                   Math paper

Tuesday -Spelling- 5 words in sentences                                             Math paper

Wednesday-Spelling- last 5 words in sentences                                     Math paper                


Thursday -Spelling- Study spelling words

Math paper






Spelling Word’s Space ship


Reading Story:   “Come Back Jack” genre-fantasy 


Spelling Words (dr, tr, gr blends)   

drip     trip 

drum  grow

gray   truck

grin    try

tree    dress    


This week we will be working on _le words, ou and ow, contractions, compound   words, multi-syllabic words, and complete sentences.    

“Come Back, Jack Vocabulary”   

boring: not interesting   

adventure: an experience that is interesting or dangerous   

exciting: stirring up strong feelings; thrilling   searched looked for   

**steep: having a very sharp slope or slant   

**nimble: moving quickly and lightly 

**-are especially difficult for many grade 2 students and need reinforcement.   


    Star2 This Week’s Poem                                                                  

 Open A Book By Jane Baskwill

Open a book 

And you will find 

People and places of every kind 

Open a book 

And you can be 

Anything that you want to be 

Open a book 

And you can share 

Wondrous worlds you find in there 

Open a book 

And I will too 

You read to me

And I’ll read to you.


Gym uniform- every Wed.  gym class for grade 2L.

*Act of Contrition is on this page. Each day, a child from
grade 2 leads the school in prayer.
Binders are to be brought home and back to school each day .
pushpinTAKE NOTE

Links – Religion activities spelling words
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