SFA Upcoming Events

January 11th – Parent / Teacher Conferences Grades PreK – 5; Early Release Day Grs. PreK – 5 @ 11:30

January 11th – Sacramental Meeting for Gr. 2 Parents 7pm – 8pm

January 16th - NO SCHOOL : Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 23rd – Grade 6 Field Trip to Christa McAuliffe Center; Framingham State University

January 25th - Second Term Ends Grs. 6-8

January 27th – Early Dismissal @ 11:30

January 29th – February 3rd- Catholic Schools Week

January 29th - Open House for Prospective New Parents 1pm – 3pm

January 30th – School Liturgy @ 8:45

February 3rd – Second Term Report Cards Distributed Grs. 6-8

Holiday Calendar Winners 2017

Week 1

Date     Prize                  Winner

1/1       $50                     Pat Gravelle

1/2       $500                  Bob and Marie Clliford

1/3       $75                     Villot Mars

1/4       $100                  Brett Marcotte

1/5       $75                     Virginia Polio

1/6       $100                  Nicole Reynolds

1/7       $75                     Susan Thorn

1/8       $250                  Bill and Kim Hinthorne

1/9       $100                  Cristan Ramage

Week 2


1/10       $250                  Jake Rowell

1/11     $75                     Sandra Polizio

1/12     $100                  Margi Mahony

1/13     $75                     Karen Whitney

1/14     $100                  Oscar Medua

1/15     $75                     Michael Trocki

1/16     $500                  Sarah & Clint Smith





Saint Francis of Assisi Mission Statement

We are a Catholic community of faith striving to follow Jesus, pledging each day to do our best by imitating St. Francis of Assisi as “instruments of peace.” Our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy environment and to be academically prepared for this technological age.

About Saint Francis of Assisi School

Saint Francis of Assisi School is a Catholic elementary parish school that encompasses grades PreK-8. We are a community of faith, striving to follow Jesus through a collaborative effort with school, home, and parish. We come together from local communities to develop and nurture a student body of varying talents, abilities and unique gifts.

The goal of St. Francis of Assisi School is to instill in the heart of each child: knowledge, love of God, acceptance of self, and respect for others. With the good example and cooperation of their parents, we hope to prepare our students for the life Christ came to give, by imitating Saint Francis of Assisi as “instruments of peace.”

As educators, our goal is to graduate students who have strong moral standards and academic skills, who will become good citizens and able members of society. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Opportunities are continuously provided for them to extend and develop their spiritual lives through formal and informal faith instruction. Our family comes together for prayerful celebration in monthly liturgies prepared by each grade.

Who was St. Francis?

St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology, was a Roman Catholic saint who tried to follow all Jesus said and did.

Learn more about St. Francis