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CONFIRMATION RETREAT – Permission Slip I have received the information about the Confirmation Retreat being held at ____________________on Saturday, _________, 2016. My son/daughter (Name)__________________________________ Will be attending the Retreat ______ Will not be attending the Retreat ______ One ___ or Both ____ parents will be joining us for breakfast.  Total = ____ My son/daughter has the following allergies or special needs:   If allergies, my son/daughter will be ___ will not be ____ bringing an Epi-pen. I will call the office at 781-848-3238, ext. 18 if my son/daughter is taking any prescribed medication.  If so, it must be brought in original bottle and taken in front of an adult. ____________________________   _____________________           _______ Parent’s Signature                                         Phone No. in case of emergency  Date

     General Information & Forms:

Download “Request for Candidacy Form” for all Grade 9 students and those entering SFA

Confirmation Program in Grade 10–Due date



 Download “Sponsor Info Sheet”–Grade 10 Candidates Due Date December 4, 2016
 Download “Saint Name Paper Info”–Grade 10 Candidates Due 
 Download “Service Summary Expectations”  –Grade 10 Candidates Due no later immediately after last service 

GENERAL REL ED INFORMATION Cardinal Sean’s Pastoral Letter on the Importance of Participation in the Sunday Mass can be accessed from the Rel. Ed. Homepage.  The following excerpts have been taken from the letter specifically for Parents & Catechists.  Reading the excerpts will hopefully inspire you to read the full letter. Parents Pastoral Letter Parents

Catechists/Teachers Pastoral Letter Catechists
Thanksgiving Baskets Items List (click below)
 Thanksgiving-Items List 2017-18
Special Christmas letter written by a Catechist with Guardian Angel prayer for all children  (.pdf file) Letter from a Grade 2 Catechist
Some Prayer Resources:
 How to Pray the Rosary: Steps for First Penance: First Penance Steps What’s Happening in the Classes Grade level syllabi are designed to be a common ground starting point for the class lessons based on themes and assigned weekly chapters.  Teachers vary in their styles and in the activities and projects that they choose to do, but they are expounding the same material.  A syllabus is always a work in process as teachers try, suggest, and tweak lessons.  Having a syllabus provides the opportunity for all students at a grade level to be in a similar place on any given week.   As a result, having access to the syllabus will allow someone who misses a  particular class to know what was covered and to become familiar at home with what was missed.  A syllabus also provides common ground for Catechists to collaborate with other Catechists at their grade level to share ideas and best practices as well as to create opportunities to bring classes together for group work, special activities and projects.  Below you will find links to the syllabi for Grades 1-8.  Please call if you have any questions.   Syllabi were reviewed with and/or collaborated on with one or more catechists teaching at the grade level when possible.

Syllabi for Mon./Tue. Rel. Ed. 2017-2018 (click link)

SYLLABUS–Grade 1 2017-18 ASYLLABUS–Grade 2 2017-18 A SYLLABUS–Grade 3 2017-18 ASYLLABUS–Grade 4 2017-18 A; SYLLABUS–Grade 5 2017-18 A; SYLLABUS–Grade 6 2017-18 A; SYLLABUS–Grade 7 2017-18 A; SYLLABUS–Grade 8 2017-18 A

Syllabi for Sun. Faith Enrichment 2017-18 (click link)                                                                                                                      Syllabus Faith Enrichment Program – Gr. 1 2017-18; Syllabus Faith Enrichment Program – Gr. 2 2017-18; Syllabus Faith Enrichment Program – Gr. 3 2017-18;Syllabus Faith Enrichment Program – Gr. 4 2017-18; Syllabus Faith Enrichment Program – Gr. 5 2017-18

Created for Love Chastity Program Parent Letter: Parent Letter Created for Love Grades 7 & 8